Social Banking 2.0 – Der Kunde übernimmt die Regie

Facebook-Banking (Teil I): ASB Bank

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Ob das Facebook-Banking zwischen Datenschutz und den hippen neuen Möglichkeiten im Web 2.0 auch in finanziellen Dingen Schule macht, das entscheiden ganz allein die Nutzer.

Oder wie es mein „Kolumnisten-Kollege“ Dirk Elsner auf Wallstreet Journal Deutschland so pointiert: Die Like Bank sei noch nicht erfunden

In einer mehrteiligen Serie beleuchte ich einige konkrete Ansätze von Banken, sich diesem Thema mit mehr als einer bloßen Unternehmenspräsenz zu stellen vermögen, oder dies zumindest beabsichtigen.

Statt einer langatmigen Einführung empfehle ich eingangs meinen längeren Überblicksartikel auf Heise Telepolis:

„Social“ Media Banking: Werden Nutzer ihre Geldgeschäfte via Facebook abwickeln?

Beginnen wir konkret am anderen Ende der Welt, in Neuseeland, dort gibt es die gerade in sozialen Netzwwerkfragen recht innovative ASB Bank, über die ich schon berichtet habe.

Simone McCallum ist bei der neuseeländischen Bank als Corporate Social & Communications Strategist aktiv. Sie gewährt nun einige Einblicke in die Gedankenwelt der ASB, über den Status Quo zum „Facebook-Banking (der Einfachheit halber in englischer Sprache): 

Social media and banking may appear to be an unlikely match, but at ASB Bank we have embraced this new way of communicating with our community. Our social media presence has become an integral part of how we speak to, and listen to, our customers and the community. ASB aims to be where our customers are, to ensure that we understand what is important to them both in banking and their every day lives.

ASB offers two different banking services via Facebook. Our Facebook Virtual Branch, launched in September 2010, allows customers and non-customers to web chat securely and privately in real time with a banking specialist. This could be anything from customers wanting advice in the steps towards getting a home loan, how to change money for an overseas trip, how to set up an automatic payment, or just for some simple savings tips.

In May 2012, we updated our Apple iOS and Android ASB Mobile app to allow customers to make payments to their friends using just a mobile phone number or active email address. In July 2012, we added to ability to pay a Facebook friend, making it simpler and easier to make payments without requiring a bank account number.

ASB strives to integrate banking into the slip stream of everyday life, and we know that over 60 percent of New Zealanders active on Facebook return every day so it makes sense for us to continue to be present there. Facebook is a golden opportunity for brands to engage with this community. Banks and financial institutions can easily reach out to customers to provide updates on relevant and useful products and services, gather feedback as part of the customer journey for product development, provide social customer support, and deliver secure, frictionless banking services such as ASB’s Mobile Facebook payments.

For Facebook friend payments, the payment is made via ASB’s Mobile app and collected through the ASB Social Collect app on Facebook. The ASB Social Collect app is hosted and secured by ASB.

Using the Mobile app, customers send their Facebook friend a private notification as part of creating the payment. When the friend clicks on the notification in Facebook, they will be prompted to install the ASB Social Collect app, if they haven’t already installed it before to collect a payment. The friend can then enter a New Zealand bank account number into the Social Collect app to collect the payment.

Within the ASB Mobile app customers can view accounts, transfer money between accounts, make one-off payments and bill payments to existing bill payees as well as persontoperson payments via a mobile number, email address or Facebook friend. Customers can also set up a PIN for easy access and an optional quick balance prelogin. Persontoperson payments are a particularly good fit with Facebook as many people choose to mange their lives and communicate with their friends using this social network.

Security is always a top priority for ASB and ASB Mobile uses the latest in encryption technology to minimise security threats such as malware, phishing and hacking. Receivers of payments are also protected with all unretrieved funds being credited to the payer after 14 days.

ASB is the most active New Zealand bank on social media – we are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, and launched the world’s first Virtual Branch on Facebook in 2010. We were also the first New Zealand bank on Google+ when it was launched in 2011.

We have a dedicated social media team that engages with these communities, looks for opportunities to help prospective or existing customers, provides social customer service, supports marketing and sponsorship campaigns, gathers customer insights, and shares new product developments, breaking news or important banking updates that are relevant, timely and useful.

Social media and financial services are constantly evolving and changing and we will continue to design the customer’s banking experience to be relevant, personalised and useful. Our ongoing dialogue and engagement with our community through our digital and social channels will be a key factor in the innovation and design process.

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