Social Banking 2.0 – Der Kunde übernimmt die Regie

Open Bank Workshop: Ergebnisse des Barcamps in Berlin

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Über das Open Bank Project, das vor allem von den Open Source Spezialisten Tesobe vorwärts getrieben wird, habe ich bereits berichtet.

Nun fand in Berlin ein Barcamp zum Open Bank Project statt, bei dem die neuen digitalen Trends wie Open und Bitcoins ebenso diskutiert wurden wie das Personal Finance Management (PFM) und die Transparenz in der Bankenwelt. Es waren spannende Themen – vor allem aber dachten die Teilnehmer darüber nach, wie wohl eine nutzerzentrierte Bank der Zukunft aussehen könne.

Das dürfte auch die Leser von Social Banking 2.0 interessieren, für die ich die wichtigsten Ergebnisse aus dem Protokoll der Einfachheit halber in englisch gerne nachreiche.

Vorbemerkung: Einiges ist sicherlich noch genauer zu präzisieren. Interessant finde ich etwa, dass die Teilnehmer eine direkte Interaktion zwischen Facebook und Twitter eher kritisch sehen. Hier zeichnen sich zentrale Konfliktfelder ab, wenn die Bestrebungen weiter zunehmen, Facebook oder auch Google+ als Teil einer neuen virtuellen „Mainstreambank 2.0“ zu etablieren.    

Participants were asked to brainstorm on what a new bank should look like in a 5 years’ time.


What should the next Bank look like?


Define the features of “OPAN” bank


Real (should take into account the legal framework in place)

Within 5 years

Below are the results of this creative workshop.

Should have

All the account are transparent or

Customized privacy disclosure mechanism

Lots of account numbers

One super account

Personal Finance Management system built-in

Easy to switch to another bank

Independent Bank Number


Configuring new financial products

Community recommendation / crowd intelligence => Better deal


Near Real time transactions

Complete Account Aggregator

Money Tracking

Choosing where to invest money

Automatic filling of taxes/ financial statements


Multicurrency support (bitcoin, … etc.)

Secure open source solution / client

Customized dashboard

Every client is a stakeholder

Possibility to get rid of ads


Prioritizing expenses

Get knowlgeable people on the phone


Choose between either money creating or money investing

A system dedicated to American abroad

Shouldn’t Have

Facebook / Twitter interaction

Windows support

Keep you hours on the phone

Separate hardware widget to generate an ID

No a distant API

No control on where to invest

Crash a lot

Wasteful with profit and energy

“too big to fail” (limited number of customers)


Decentralised Bank (P2P)

Instant Transactions

Every branch can help you

Everything’s free

Top management is responsible for small errors

Crowd voting on having a loan

Money multiplier (get rich immediately, lot of participation to my tasks)

No loan interest (on both risk)

Democratic Control (decision are discussed by the clients, discuss new


Works everywhere (even in Space and in submarine)

Get a loan when you need it

Market place between shareholders (for financial product)

No currency

Auto tax pay

No tax

Not connected to the banking industry



Shouldn’t be incorporated in Caiman Islands

No License

Protect the customers

Have look at regulation data in mind


Fine grained access control

Opt-out option

Enforced for certain position

Directory of public accounts


After drafting all of these ideas, participants were asked to gather them into “concepts”, ideas that would solve the challenge presented at first. Here are these concepts.


Glass Bank


Transparency for NGO and socially responsible donations (bank for people by the people)



IT minimized

Name: The Geek Bank


First geek bank of Germany

For Geeks

Provides Analytics (Prediction of data)

Provides Regulatory Compliance


Name: Social Bank


The bank leverages personal visions to become reality through crowdsourcing,

crowdfunding and marketplace.

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Juli 15, 2011 um 8:09 am

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