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Noa Bank: Gründer Francois Jozic gibt Statusbericht

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Am 18.12. hatte dieses Weblog Social Banking 2.0 den Gründer der Noa Bank, Francois Jozik gebeten, auf teils kritische Nachfragen zum Firmengeflecht des gerade erst neu gegründeten Geldinstituts Stellung zu nehmen, die sich auch aus der Community heraus immer wieder stellen:

Heute nun sind die Statements eingetroffen, die ich gerne zur weiteren Diskussion an die Leserschaft von Social Banking 2.0 weiterreiche: 

Update Noa Bank Activities – how transparent can a new bank be?

noa bank wants to offer their savers the ability to track their deposits. With this information savers will know what their bank actually does with their money.The system showing the list of projects financed by the bank will be available on the noa bank website in the next 2 weeks.

Social Banking 2.0: Noa Bank plans to be a „Aktiengesellschaft“ next year – why this step?

First of all, because I don’t want the bank to be a GmbH & Co. KG anymore. It is a complex structure, moreover psychologically associated with close-end funds.

I am not a legal expert, but the AG appeared to me as the best alternative for developing further the bank:

– solid image and known legal form

– presence of a supervision body (not in GmbH for instance)

– 1 share, 1 vote (whilst cooperative company is 1 member, 1 vote)

– adequate to get investors in (noa bank is currently organising capital increase of 5 millions euros)

Social Banking 2.0: Is it influenced by some regulation aspects (Compliance etc.)- f.e. through (Bafin), or was it a proper decision made only by the owners of Noa Bank?

The decision to become an “AG” was made by the management in cooperation with the owners of the bank.

Social Banking 2.0: If moving towards a Aktiengesellschaft, what about speculation, when going to the stock exchange market?

To be an “AG” does not imply being at the stock exchange. And there is no intention from my side to go listed on the stock exchange.

Social Banking 2.0: You were saying, there is no speculation in Noa Banks Business Model?

Yes, there is no speculation within noa banks` business model.

Social Banking 2.0: Do you see some conflicts of interest between Factoring-Business through Quorum and Noa Bank Acitivities? Or in other words: Is there a mix of activities, you announced already, that both parts could stick together in a few years?

There is no conflict between the activities of Quorum and noa bank. Quorum provides cash flow financing to SMEs, and the purpose of noa bank is to grant credits to SMEs. Both entities have the same target. Therefore there is no conflict of interests between Quorum and noa, there are only synergies. Moreover, Quorum will become fully part of noa bank in the beginning of 2010.

Social Banking 2.0: How do you plan to locate the business loans for SMEs?

noa bank`s awareness in the SME community is increasing. We are planning different actions in the coming weeks to make sure that we receive enough leads and requests from potential borrowers to be absolutely in line with our level of deposits.

Social Banking 2.0: What are the criteria?
First of all, noa bank finances only businesses that fit to our four themes: Region, Planet, Leben, Kultur which means that we also develop a list of negative criteria like: 

•         The production and selling of military weapons
•         Production of nuclear power
•         The use of genetic engineering
•         Child labor
•         Violation of human rights
•         Corruption

Secondly, we have different financial criteria based on the credit worthiness of the borrower and the level of securities the business can provide.

Finally, we also use soft criteria like the perspectives of the company, the quality of the management, the sector, etc.

Social Banking 2.0: Is the community and customer somehow involved in that process (you mentioned some kind of voting system), or is it finally just Noa Bank itself, who selects the right SMEs?

For the moment it is only the management of noa who selects the right SME’s. But soon the community of noa clients will have the opportunity to vote online for projects they like and are in line with their beliefs. noa will become a platform which allows the clients to make their own choice.

Social Banking 2.0: How do you prevent higher credit default risk then?

Our risk procedure will minimize the risk of credit defaults, and the selection of the businesses to finance will only be made by banks. It is only after that risk selection that the credit will be submitted to the vote of the community.

Social Banking 2.0: Noa Bank is going on very well, in a few weeks more than  six millions of euro collected and 2.500 customers – what is your perception for the next year, will it grow faster or are there some „natural“ barriers“?

Since the beginning of this year, the number of daily account openings has greatly increased. Today noa receives request for 100 accounts each day. The amount of deposits increases by one million Euro each day.
As noa becomes more and more popular, I didn`t expect it in this dimension, I now believe that the requests for accounts will increase even more.
The natural barrier I see at the moment is due to the fixed amount of employees compared to the work related to the requests, which will constantly increase.

Our next challenge is also to have permanently in line the level of credits with the level of deposits. Even if we will have always more deposits than credits, the gap should not be too high.

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